About Us


Company Profile

IGUICOO, established in 2013, is a professional company engaged in the research, development, sale and service of ventilation system、air conditioning system、HVAC、oxygenerator、humidity regulating equipment,PE pipe fitting. We are committed to improving air cleanliness, oxygen content, temperature, and humidity. In order to better ensure product quality, we have obtained I S O 9 0 0 1、I S O 4 0 0 1、I S O 4 5 0 0 1 and over 80 patent certificates.


Our Team

IGUICOO has always taken technological innovation as the driving force of enterprise growth and opening-up cooperation. At present, we have a senior research and development team with more than 20 high-educated people. We always insist on providing customers with innovative technical solutions, and win the trust of customers with professional services, high-quality products, and competitive prices.


R&D Strength

As a company of Changhong Group, in addition to owning the enthalpy difference laboratory and 30 cube laboratory, we can also share Changhong's noise testing laboratory.At the same time, we share technological achievements and shared production lines.So our capacity can reach 200,000 units per year.

Our Story

The journey of ICUICOO is a journey of seeking the pure breathing,
from city to the valley, and then bring it back to the city.


  The Valley of Dreams  

In 2007, several professors from Sichuan walked out of the city to find the pure place in their dream, with their yearning for a pure life. It was a place far from the mortal world, with green mountains in their arms at sunrise and the wind slightly breezing at night. After a year of searching, they found a valley of their dreams.

  Sudden changes  

However, in 2008, a sudden earthquake changed Sichuan and changed the lives of many people. The valley where the professors found is no longer safe, and they return to the city.


  Return to the Valley Plan  

However, the freshness and beautiful scenery of the valley often lingered in their minds Thinking of their original intention to search the fresh air in the valley, the professors started to think: why not build a valley for families in the city? Let people in the city can also enjoy the pure and natural life like the valley. IGUICOO(Chinese means return to Valley), from which the name is derived. Professors began to implement the plan of "Return to the Valley".

  Breakthrough Results  

Professors began across the country and around the world. They studied purification principles and the filtration efficiency of the highly efficient HEPA filter. After comparison and analysis, they learned that almost all the activated carbon used in the purifier has the disadvantages of secondary pollution and short service life, so they formed a team in person to develop new and high-performance composite filtration materials. Three years later, the four-needle nano-zinc oxide whisker, a nano-purification material, achieved breakthrough results and even were applied in the aerospace field.


In 2013, seven companies including Southwest Jiaotong University, Changhong Group and Zhongcheng Alliance began a strong alliance. After repeated design, research and development, and iteration experiment, we finally developed a domestic advanced, intelligent, energy-saving, and healthy product to improve indoor air quality - IGUICOO Intelligent Circulating Fresh Air Purification Series. Fresh air purification is the revolution of IGUICOO. It will not only create pure breathing for every family in the city, but also bring changes to people's lifestyles.

The professors returned to the city from the valley and built another valley for the city.
Nowadays, this belief is inherited as the brand spirit of ICUICOO.
Over 10 years of persistence, just to make a healthy, energy efficient and comfortable environment.