Fresh Air System in School

Fresh air system in school

Children are the hope of the country, the future of the country, and the continuation of our lives.To create a healthy learning environment for children is the responsibility of every company.In addition to producing school-suitable fresh air systems for children, IGUICOO has also been fortunate to participate in《the development of the national Air Quality Standard for Primary and secondary School Classrooms》.

Project name: Xinjiang Lingli bilingual aviation kindergarten/Xinjiang Bilingual Fifth Kindergarten/Elbe Family early education School/Xinjiang Changji City Jianguo Road street kindergarten

Application project introduction:

In order to protect children's respiratory health and create a green and pure learning environment for children, Xinjiang Lingli Group took the lead in promoting the fresh air purification system into the campus, and installed the IGUICOO large airflow stand ERV for more than 20 kindergartens under the group, 520m³/h large air volume, so that the classroom is full of fresh、clean air, purifying more thoroughly. Reduce indoor CO2 concentration, refuse hypoxia state, children are focused in class, breathing is healthier, and parents are more assured.


Project name: Chengdu Guangmo Academy Waldorf Kindergarten / Sichuan Tanghu middle school new campus / Shanghai City West Junior High School / Shanghai first Division affiliated Primary School / Shanghai seventh High School


Application project introduction:

In these schools, in order to save more ground space, as well as the classes are large and small, each pupil and middle school student can have different fresh air demand per hour, so we recommend the school to install ERV on the top of 250~800m³/h, pipe installation, more beautiful, the same room can be arranged with multiple air outlets, multiple filtration. Efficiently remove harmful substances such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde, so that children can breathe more comfortably and safely during class.

Project name: Mianyang Hui Lemi Kindergarten / Stubborn Color Art children's School

Application project introduction:

Art needs more inspiration, healthy and comfortable environment, the beautiful scenery outside the window, will let the children's inspiration burst. As the demonstration school of IGUICOO's fresh air campus, they have selected 3P 500m³/h fresh air purification air conditioning, enjoying a healthy and pure indoor environment, but also to bring the children cool in summer and warm in winter, one AHU to solve the problem of air quality and air cooling and heating, for children and parents to bring peace of mind, intimate comfort experience.