Commercial Buildings

Fresh air purification ventilation system for Commercial buildings case

Fresh air purification ventilation system for Commercial buildings case
IGUICOO provides fresh air purification ventilation system for commercial buildings, such as fresh air purification box,fresh air purification fan coil,energy recovery ventilators, fresh air purification systems. Here are some project cases for reference. If you have any project about HRV/ERV, welcome to contact us for optimized and cost-effective solutions.

Project name: Chengdu Jiachen International Projectt

Application project introduction:
Chengdu Jiachen International,where is Southwest headquarters of Apple、Southwest headquarters of Xiaomi、 Jiachen Capital、 Hyatt Regency Hotel、 Wales Fitness、 Southwest headquarters of MoMo settled and used, adopting the smart cycle and fresh air purification coil series of IGUICOO intelligent control scheme, according to indoor CO2 concentration intelligent control of the fresh air host, mobile phone remote control of the coil open and close, to ensure clean and fresh air. At the same time, the building also adopts IGUICOO billing system to truly realize accurate and fair charging.

Commercial Building Project
Chengdu Zhongjiao project

Project name: Chengdu Zhongjiao project

Application project introduction:
Chengdu CCCC International Center, a super class A office building, is a landmark building in Chengdu Tianfu new area, with a total area of about 162000㎡ and a height of 216m. The project uses IGUICOO fan coil purification box with 5-stage filtration, 6-stage purification and the removal rate of PM2.5 reaches 99%, with central air conditioning, creating a comfortable and pure living and working environment for users.

Project name: Ningbo "Yuehu Jinmao Building" project

Application project introduction:
The project has a total of 23 floors, with a total area of about 40,000 square meters. The IGUICOO intelligent control scheme and fresh air purification system is adopted. The fresh air system is intelligentially controlled according to the indoor CO2 concentration, and the average indoor pm2.5 concentration is lower than 35ug/m³, ensuring the clean and fresh indoor air. At the same time, the building also adopts the IGUICOO billing system ,it can accurately understand the electricity consumption of each unit room truly realize accurate and fair charging.

Yuehu Jinmao Building project

Project name: Beijing Office building project

Application project introduction:
In a high-end office building in Beijing, IGUICOO fan coil purification box is adopted, and the composite filter in the purification box is specially added with a patented product - four needle-like nano zinc oxide whisker. Four needle-like nano-zinc oxide whisker (TZnOw) is a space-grade nano-air purification material, physical adsorption and chemical decomposition at the same time, sustainable and efficient adsorption and decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, without causing secondary pollution. At the same time, it has the characteristics of health, safety and long-term effect, and has obtained a number of national and local scientific research patents.
Because of its good purification and absorption effect, people can quickly move into office buildings.