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Fresh air purification ventilation system for hotel 、club and apartment project case

IGUICOO supplies fresh air purification ventilation system to some hotel 、club and apartment to improve the indoor air quality, such as fresh air purification box,fresh air purification fan coil,heat recovery ventilators, energy recovery ventilators, fresh air purification systems. Here are some project cases for reference. If you have any project on hand, welcome to contact us for optimized and cost-effective solutions.

Project name: Chengdu Shibabudao Hotel project

Application project introduction:
Chengdu Shibabudao Hotel, with more than 50 Healthy green villa rooms, adopts intelligent circulation·full-function fresh air purification air conditioner 3P ~ 5P model, cabinet fresh air purification air conditioner 1.5p ~ 3P model and the average of indoor PM2 .5 is lower than 35ug / m³,the noise is lower than 29 dB(A), constant temperature and oxygen, healthy and comfortable. After the transformation, the occupancy rate of low-carbon rooms is very high, and the house price is 50% higher than that of ordinary rooms.

Home type low-carbon experience room
Hotel lobby entrance
Hotel interior view
Hotel park interior view
Xinyi hotel

Project name: Beijing Xinyi Hotel project

Application project introduction:
Beijing Xinyi Hotel, all rooms use IGUICOO fresh air purification fan coil, indoor PM2.5 the average is lower than 35ug / m³. In order to provide customers a more intuitive sense of the hotel's fresh air purification system, IGUICOO specially designed a centralized display scheme for Xinyi Hotel, where guests can see the air index of each room on the large screen at the first time when they enter the hotel, which is conducive to improving the customer's stay experience.The air in the room is fresh and pleasant, guest reviews and the staying user return rate are very high.

Xinyi Hotel ERV controller
Xinyi hotel reception
1Xinyi hotel reception

Project name: Chengdu Xiangnanli project

Application project introduction:
Chengdu Xiangnanli Hyatt Jiaxuan hotel is an international high-end business hotel managed by the world-famous Hyatt Hotel Group; The intelligent control scheme of IGUICOO intelligent circulation fresh air purification coil series is adopted. The fresh air host is intelligently controlled according to the indoor CO2 concentration, and the internal and external double circulation purification is adopted at the same time to ensure the cleanness and freshness of indoor air, keep good PM2.5 data.


Project name: Jingyixuan Beauty Therapy Center

Application project introduction:
Chengdu / jingyixuan Beauty Service Co., Ltd., with a total area of about 700㎡, adopts IGUICOO fresh air purification fan coil and fresh air purification air conditioner. After transformation, the indoor PM2.5 the average is lower than 30ug / m³, it provides a pleasant and comfortable experience place for customers who come to do beauty, and the user return rate is higher and higher.