ChengduJiaotong University – International Community

Full-function fresh air purification conditioning all-in-one machine for Chengdu Jiaotong University International Community

Jiaotong University Guigu Community

Project name: Chengdu Jiaotong University · International Community

Jiaoda Guigu community location
Interior decoration

Application project introduction:

IGUICOO Fresh air purification air conditioner provides a healthy and comfortable indoor climate for 515 residents in Guigu International Community of Jiaoda. The building energy saving rate of the community is up to 80%, use IGUICOO overall air-conditioning system, comprehensively improve the indoor air quality, PM2.5 is kept below 35ug/m³, CO2 concentration is kept below 500ppm, providing people with a pure and healthy living space.

The overall air-conditioning system is a customized product for the community, and each household is installed with one set and placed in the balcony machine room, so that there is no operation of any host equipment indoors.In order to ensure the best air circulation effect, the system adopts the air distribution mode of floor supply air and ceiling return air.


The floor of the project is made of 15cm insulation layer, which can effectively improve the energy loss. Meanwhile, in order to make the house in the city enjoy the valley-like higher oxygen fresh air, the controller specially sets the intelligent mode. When the indoor CO2 concentration is higher than 800m³/h, the full fresh air mode will be automatically turned on to quickly deliver clean and high oxygen fresh air to the room.


In the era of rapid development of science and technology in China, users can control the overall air-conditioning system through intelligent controllers and apps, and realize the convenient operation mode of combining mobile phones with local controllers.

The project passed the certification of the Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China, and was awarded the "3A residential performance certification" in the southwest region, and then won the "National Ministry of Science and Technology 12th Five-Year Low Carbon Building Demonstration Project".


After-sales service:

The total of 515 sets overall air-conditioning system have all been commissioned by the service department of Changhong Group. The Changhong service department has extensive experience in the field of service and maintenance of air conditioner and TV and other home appliances, but can also carry out the commissioning and assembly of our overall air-conditioning system.


About Customer satisfaction:

In China, this energy-saving building was a new attempt in that year.Because of such architectural design and concept, the cost is very high. But what is very good is that customers are very satisfied with the life experience brought to them by new energy-saving idea including the overall fresh air conditioning system. Even though the community is located on the street, we can completely close the windows, there is no noise, there is no outdoor urban dust pollution, everything is so comfortable and clean.